Beg/Int Pilates Mat Circuit

This class is taught by:

Kristyn Asseff

Kristyn fell in love with Pilates from her first lesson, almost ten years ago - it was the feeling of balance and strength in her body that kept her going back. She believes the best thing about Pilates is how well it supports all other life activities - from running to snowboarding to carrying groceries, Pilates helps to keep the core muscles strong and engaged for less overuse and injury in the limbs and joints.

An anatomy nerd, Kristyn is set on doing Pilates for the rest of her life, and wants to use it to help others stay strong and supported in their bodies for years to come. Her teaching follows the BASI (Body Arts and Sciences International) method, which provides a whole-body approach to each session.

Kristyn loves any form of adventurous movement, from aerial arts to pole dance. She's also an editing and grammar nerd and has been known to partake in adult spelling bees.

Contrary to popular belief, Mat Pilates is the most challenging Pilates as one does not have the assistance of equipment to perform exercises. In this class we will utilize small props including the BOSU, the Pilates Circle and small weights.

Upcoming classes:

  • Sun Jun 04 9:00 am - 9:55 am with Kristyn Asseff