Staff List

Misty Moon Nickel

Bria Founder, Pilates Instructor, LMP

Misty was selected as Seattle's Best Pilates Instructor for 2008 by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine!

Misty has been teaching movement and healing in the Seattle area for over 15 years. Driven by her vision to build a center where movement integrates into healing, Misty constructed Bria where she practices as an advanced trained Certified Stott Pilates instructor and licensed massage therapist.

Misty co-produced Complete Yoga and Pilates, a 4-DVD box set available internationally. Misty also received national recognition when Allure Magazine named her "Seattle's Best Massage Therapist."

Dedicated to a life-long pursuit of the healing and moving arts, Misty has studied around the world and remains current with the ever-evolving science of movement by frequently attending workshops. She enjoys enriching others' lives by drawing on her wide background of related work and employing her extensive knowledge of anatomy and healing.

Katalin Gyorgy
Katalin has been teaching Pilates since 2007, began practicing the art and science of yoga in 1999, and in 2011, she embarked on a journey to become a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner to further enhance her other healing modalities. Katalin creatively combines her knowledge of movement, massage, and nutrition for a balanced and vibrant lifestyle. Movement has intrigued Katalin since childhood when she began dancing in traditional Hungarian Dance style, with her interest piquing in gymnastics during her teen years. After a major car accident at age 20 she began her practice of yoga and core conditioning to heal her back. She graduated from 8Limbs Yoga in 2008 and from Todo Bien Health Center as an Classical Pilates Instructor in 2006. Since then she has studied different forms of Pilates to branch out and to enrich her self a versatile Pilates teacher. During her classes she facilitates an environment that is a challenging and enjoyable way to offer holistic complete body conditioning. She mixes a variety of Pilates styles and occasionally yoga with her Pilates classes to create a rich and challenging class full of innovative movement.
Christine Jimenez
Christine is an avid athlete and runner. She discovered Pilates a decade ago when a running injury sidelined her and has been hooked ever since!

Christine is the co-owner of Bria. You can find her at Bria most days doing whatever needs to be done to keep things running smoothly. On her spare time she loves to spend time with her family and take on any myriad of DIY home projects.

Heather Skogerson
Heather is passionate about family, wellness, organic food and experiential life! After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in Exercise Science, she moved to Seattle to be in a community that valued health and fitness as a lifestyle commitment. She is certified in Pilates from the Pilates & Physical Therapy Center of Seattle. She loves to help her clients become awake and mindful in their bodies. When she isn't teaching pilates she is loving the time she spends with her two young boys.
Katie Baker
Katie is Body Arts & Science International (BASI) Pilates & Booty Barre certified. She received her Bachelor's degree in pre-physical therapy from Western Washington University and is currently finishing her Master of Science in Nutrition at Bastyr University. In her spare time Katie enjoys hiking, spending time with her family and volunteering within the community.
Heidi Byrnes

Heidi has been a certified Pilates instructor since 2002. Her approach is from the perspective of spine health. She focuses on alignment and proper muscular sequencing of the spine. She aims to have each client "wholistically" use his or her body to balance strength, stretch and alignment to eliminate any pain, and to create stability and the feeling of control over their body. Her goal is to help her clients reclaim their optimal quality of life.

Sharon Lightfoot-Pound
Sharon is a Bria certified Pilates instructor and has 24years experience teaching Yoga. She is passionate about Pilates and holistic health to create good posture and efficient movement balanced by strength, flexibility and breath. Her interests are family and friends, walking, skiing, dance, meditation, healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Sharon also works part-time at the front desk.
Lexie Berger
Lexie is Bria Pilates and Booty Barre certified. She received her degree in Anthropology from the University of Washington. Go Huskies! She currently works as an application analyst at Nordstrom. In her spare time she loves to travel, cook, eat, read and spend time outdoors. Lexie also works part-time at the front desk.
Macenzie Hadley
Macenzie discovered Pilates after injuring her back in a car accident in 2011. After she was "back to good health" she knew she didn't want to stop there, Pilates is something she wanted to have as part of her daily life routine. She believes Pilates has a mind body connection unlike any other exercise she has tried and no matter your age or what shape your body is, with dedication and practice you can do anything you want it to do and execute with perfect control. Macenzie has joined Bria training program to further her knowledge and share her passion with others.
Lee Gulin
Lee was born and raised in Brazil and was fascinated by dance and fitness from an early age. Upon moving to the USA in 2000, she discovered Pilates and quickly became an avid practitioner. Lee’s university degree in Architecture and Design helped her to develop and launch her own line of women’s fitness apparel in 2003. This company was heavily focused on the Pilates and Yoga communities. Through clothing brand promotion Lee was able to meet and work with instructors from diverse lineages and approaches to the Pilates Method. In 2005 Lee met Rebecca Leone and she started her on the path of deepening her understanding of Pilates and movement biomechanics. Lee began attending some of her workshops and anatomy lab classes and Rebecca has been a key reference, mentor and friend to Lee ever since. In 2013, having practiced and worked around Pilates for more than 10 years, Lee decided to pursue it as a career. She is currently in Rebecca Leone’s Comprehensive Teacher Training Program which has directed her approach to the work with a strong focus on spine safety. She loves helping people understand the mechanics of proper alignment and muscular engagement and how it all relates to their everyday activities, and is very excited to be starting active work at Bria.
Maia Veague
Maia’s interest in movement began at a young age during intensive training with a jazz dance company in the Midwest. Through workshops across the country, she was introduced to many styles of dance, as well as Pilates and yoga. At the same time, Maia was interning with a chiropractor and a physical therapist, and began to see the value of movement as a therapeutic modality. In 2008, Maia earned a BS in Exercise Science and Biology from Millikin University in Illinois. Maia holds a certification in Personal Training from the National Council of Strength and Fitness. Her approach is multi-faceted and strongly influenced by her background in dance, and complimentary to Pilates practice. Maia believes that proper, unrestricted biomechanics, core strength, flexibility, and proper alignment are the groundwork for everyday well-being. Each session is tailored to the client’s needs, be it pain-free functional movement, athletic conditioning, weight loss, nutrition, or rehabilitation.
Derik Kleinhesselink
Derik Kleinhesselink began his professional dancing and singing career at the age of 20, performing in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and on tour across the US and Canada. After one specifically challenging tour of over one year, his nagging injuries worsened leaving him with chronic lower back pain.

Believing that his dance days were over, Derik focused on a photography career once back in Los Angeles. He was hired for a photoshoot by a fellow dancer/Pilates instructor who offered him a free session. After three weeks of doing Pilates, Derik’s back pain disappeared.

Derik decided to focus his attention away from the stage and more towards helping people who suffered just as he did. This led him into not only Pilates private instruction, but also Group Fitness including Pilates mat, Zumba, and Barre.

Derik received his Pilates certification through Body Arts & Science International (BASI) in 2006 and runs a home-based Pilates studio in West Seattle for private instruction. He is currently pursuing his certification in Gyrotonics.

Kari Callaway
Bio and photo coming soon!
Alicia Jensen
Alicia is Booty Barre trained.
Suzanne Malmad
Over the last 7 years, Suzanne has worked with a wide variety of ages and fitness levels. In addition to Pilates, she is a licensed massage therapist and is certified in Thai massage. At Bria, she emphasizes a willingness to "go inside;" deepening concentration improves performance, and can truly help each client become more comfortable in his or her body. Suzanne has experience being part of a team with physical therapists and osteopaths, and working with clients recovering from chronic lower back pain, shoulder surgeries, and other physical stressors and ailments.