Kari Callaway

At a young age Kari began dancing, skiing, cycling and running, finding a true passion for movement and physical fitness. After attending her first Mat Pilates class, Kari was instantly captivated and inspired by the combination of elegance, strength and underlying emphasis of control that Pilates offered. This led to receiving a certification with the hopes of helping others to achieve their individual goals and discover their own inner strength. Her goal is to create challenging classes staying true to the original Pilates principals. Kari is also a Barre instructor and loves creating well-rounded Barre classes that are challenging, graceful and fun.

Kari Callaway instructs the following:
  • Int/Adv Reformer Flow
  • This class will incorporate specialized Pilates workouts incorporating reformers, wall springs, mat and small equipment. All students must be injury free or proficient at making modifications for injury. A thorough understanding of anatomy along with spacial body awareness is required to participate in this class.
    Note: This class is for those with significant Pilates experience. Please do not sign up for this class unless you are at the appropriate skill level and have been cleared to take the class by an instructor.

  • Pilates Barre Fusion
  • Pilates Barre Fusion is a fun, energetic, workout that fuses techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. It is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilizing the barre.
    We focus on proper biomechanics for a safe and well structured class that can be modified for any fitness level. 

  • Cardio/Jump Pilates
  • Want to get more of an aerobic challenge with your Pilates practice? Then reserve your spot! This class is a great cardio option utilizing the jump or trampoline apparatus on the Reformer.  Class will incorporate the fun and dynamic aspect of the jump board while we take time to focus on proper biomechanics of jumping and landing. Extra care will be given to your feet, ankles and core positioning to help you strengthen your whole body.
    Note: This is an advanced class. Please do not sign up for this class unless you have Pilates experience on the Reformer. Please inquire with an instructor if you have any questions.

  • Beg/Int Reformer Pilates
  • This class will vary from week-to-week depending on who is in the class. Props, Chair, Reformer and Cadillac are all game for use! All levels are welcome, however, we recommend that clients have taken at least 5 classes or private sessions at Bria before attending.

  • Private Pilates Class
  • This class is for a group of friends that have pre-arranged to have a class custom-designed for them. If you are interested in creating a class for your group, contact info@briaseattle.com.

  • Beg / Int Reformer Pilates

  • Pilates Tower Class - NEW!
  • Exercises using the Tower assign a great deal of focus to opening the hips and lengthening the spine, with a special emphasis on breathing to deepen each stretch.  We do this using the resistance of the springs and the rollback bar.  A Tower class is guaranteed to leave you feeling taller and lighter.