Nathalia Gorosh

Movement. It has been my constant and steady companion for as long as I can remember. At an early age, I fell in love with the mental, spiritual and physical cohesiveness the body is capable of attaining through movement. Dance served as my very first vessel, both awaking this passion and yielding the desire to explore, attain, and honor this whole body connection. As a yoga teacher, I am able to dive deeper into the discovery of body and breath; and the powerful potential it holds. Eager to learn more about kinesiology, I began my journey with Pilates, studying with Dolly Kelepecz of Body Balancing, a year long mentorship with PMA certified Polestar Educator Sandy Novembre and then found myself at Polestar Pilates, a rehabilitation-based Pilates program. I’m a PMA certified Polestar Pilates Instructor and Balanced Body Barre instructor. I am passionate about educating each of my clients on how their body works, and enjoy finding ways to best achieve their goals through better body awareness.

Nathalia Gorosh is currently not instructing any classes.