What Clients Are Saying About Bria


From Anonymous Bria Student

"Susan is a great instructor - she is always noting corrections -(she is) very observant - but she keeps the class going - doing many various and new moves with all her classes. Kudos!!"



From Susan B, Current Bria Student

"Misty -
I want you to know how wonderful and inspiring it has been to work with Carrie. I have had many years of orthopedic issues and for the first time in a very long while – I am completely intrigued by the notion of being able to move correctly. What sets Carrie apart from other Pilates instructors is her ability to demonstrate and explain things until they are both clear and meaningful. Her knowledge base is both formidable and vast. The gift of being able to convey that information in a nurturing way is rare - and very much appreciated."



From Annie B, current student

"I let myself get out of shape and didn't like the way my body felt - overweight and unfit. I had always wanted to try Pilates, so when I saw Bria's sign I stopped in on a whim. I was struck by the intimate atmosphere and friendly staff and decided to try it out. Now, just two weeks and 8 sessions later, my body already feels leaner and stronger than it has in years, and friends are commenting that I look great. With only two to 10 people in a class, Bria has a boutique feel that's not only warm and welcoming, but allows for a lot of individual instruction, which has helped me make my workouts more effective. I've always hated sit-ups and core work, but I've found Pilates surprisingly gentle, subtle, yet challenging. I highly recommend Bria, and hope to see you in class."



From First time Bria patient

"To Patricia, Misty and the folks at Bria--

I hope you can pass this email along to Maren, whom I saw on December 3rd for a PT eval. The results of the eval have been nothing short of miraculous! After years of weirdness with my body, I understand so much better how to approach healing it. Maren gave me the tools to approach my body and my yoga practice in a new way and voila! The day after the eval I gave myself an adjustment that realigned my femur in my hip socket. What a relief!!! And gratitude!!!"



From Kacey K, Bria Student

"Seven and a half years ago, I suffered a massive neck and brain injury. I am working to retrain myself to walk, talk, and breathe. I have had the privilege of coming to Bria for about a year. Nat is so incredible - she never lets your body compromise or as I would like to say, never lets me get away with anything. Laura is amazing - she guides you with a constant smile and words of encouragement. It is because of them that I have made tremendous growth in my recovery. Thank you Bria for showing me what the world looks like upright"



From Suzanne K, long time Bria client

"This is the first 'E' word (exercise) that I've ever been passionate about. I aim for three times a week, but wish I could come six times a week!

I've lost 3" from my waist, a 1/2" from each thight and a 1/4" from each upper arm. Even though I gained 8 pounds, I went down a dress size. At my age, I'm too old to be buff but I'm starting to see a little ripple in the six pack!

Keep up the good work!

Laura is an amazing, patient, and determined teacher and coach."



From Michele H, one of Bria's current students:

"In the past, my main concern was always just loosing weight and staying slim, therefore I focused only on running. I have never played sports, or have any athletic ability. Running has worked...up until I began injuring myself this year with lower back pain, knee pain and finally terrible neck pain.

I found a doctor who believed surgery should be the last option. He told me to quit running because I was only building my large muscle groups and suggested building smaller muscle groups as well as core strength. He also suggested physical therapy.

I drive past Bria on the way to work everyday and I resisted my doctor's advice for fear of gaining weight if I stopped running. I finally decided to try Bria because I couldn't avoid the big sign every morning & night on my way to and from work. I am glad I did not avoid it. Pilates has changed EVERYTHING for the better; my posture has improved, I am more toned, I have more energy, I sleep better and have a great sense of well being. Also, seeing Michele Benedisuk for physical therapy was an unbelievable success!! I love her and I love PT. They work my with my schedule and I have began running again. I recommend this place to everyone. Bria instructors are experts."



From a long time equestrian and Bria client:

"Over time, the years of [horseback] riding took its toll on my body. While I understood conceptually what my coach wanted from me, my body simply was not capable of doing what I was asking it to do. As a result, I could not sit deep and relaxed in the saddle. My tight, short hip flexors made keeping my leg under me nearly impossible. Compounding all of this, various muscle imbalances prevented me from sitting straight without tension.

Despite all my efforts, my riding ability seemed to be stuck on an endless plateau. Finally, when I could not even walk without comfort, and in frustration, I turned to pilates.

I felt a difference almost immediately. It took a solid year to undo the years of wear and tear and multiple injuries, but little by little the pieces fell into place, and I was able to ride better and better.

Now, after narly two years of weekly Pilates, I am almost entirely pain-free, something that two years ago I could not imagine being possible. Thanks to the excellent instructors at Bria, I progress more every week. As a result, I am riding better than I had ever thought I was capable of. My seat has become much more independent, and I am able to follow the horse’s motion in a relaxed way. I am also much more able to sit evenly without effort. Most importantly, Mario (the horse) can tell the difference. If he could talk, he’d tell you that he knows if I’ve done my exercises or not! "



From an anonymous Bria client:

"I am delighted that [Bria staff] pay attention to my integrated movements so that I am able to improve my life!"



From the mother of a current Bria physical therapy client:

"Jason is doing awesome. He had his first physical therapy appt yesterday. His therapist calls him a rock star! Seriously.......if you saw Jason you would never know what he has been through. His therapy is in Seattle at "Bria" a yoga/pilates/therapy studio. His therapist is able to strategically target his therapy for all of his damaged nerves and muscles in his arms and upper body. It is a very interesting approach and he is happy to be focusing on a wellness plan. He looks so fantastic and is getting stronger everyday. His spirits are great. His #1 goal right now is just to get his body stronger than ever and continue the healing process. Yesterday after his therapy appt he talked me into a walk at Sculpture Park by telling me his "therapist ordered it". I can see why he misses the city. What a gorgeous day to enjoy a walk with a view of Puget Sound. Needless to say the view and the accomplishments of the day inspired a great walk and some great conversation.

"My thanks to Megan for being such an important person in Jason's recovery. And of course, my thanks to Misty for creating such a wellness studio for SO many people in this world (including me!) . Each and every one of you at Bria are part of an amazing team - no wonder every person I come into contact with is part of the joy and peace that IS Bria."

Awards & Recognition


Best of Western Washington Nominee 2014

imageKing 5 Best.King5.com (September, 2014)

Bria Pilates and Wellness Studio was nominated again for Best Pilates Studio in Seattle for 2014. 



Best of Western Washington Nominee 2013

imageKing 5 Best.King5.com (September, 2013)

The Best of Western Washington features more than 8,800 of Western Washington's best local nominees. Eligible nominees are nominated by our readers and Winners are determined by popular vote meaning that YOU chose the Best of!



Seattle's Best Pilates Instructor: Misty Moon

imageSeattle Metropolitan Magazine (July, 2008)

It may raise eyebrows in other cities, but the name Misty Moon Nickel seems almost commonplace in hippie-saturated Seattle. Her results-oriented approach to Pilates, however, is anything but.

The veteran instructor has a knack for tailoring individual workouts, whether the goal is to rehab a serious spinal injury or buff up a booty for boat-lounging season. It's also a fun place to exercise.

Nickel's mantra, "feel good after, feel good during," shows in the smiles and laughter that permeate her Interbay studio.



Herbal Oasis for Skin Care

imageSeattle Metropolitan Magazine (September, 2006)

Yoga class is supposed to be a time for clearing our heads, but whenever we find ourselves stuck in downward-facing dog, our minds inevitably begin to race: When can I schedule a pedicure? How does that girl stretch so far? And how come yoga teachers always have such glowing skin?

Hoping to get to the bottom of this last query, we checked out Bria Hand Crafted Herbals, a skin care line made by local yoga and Pilates instructor, Misty Moon Nickel. Available at ... Nickel's Elliott Avenue studio, the sweet-smelling creams, lotions and bath oils are handcrafted using organic ingredients such as calendula and comfrey. We love the creamy Moisturizing Cellular Therapy face cream ... and the lavender- and rose-petal-stuffed Bath Bag..., but have they given us that coveted blissful yogi glow? Not yet -- but perhaps that's only because our chakras are out of whack. J.M.



Seattle's Best Massage Therapist: Misty Moon

imageAllure Magazine (November, 2003)

When [Misty Moon's] clients aren't doing the downward-facing dog, they're downward, facing her massage table.

"Traditionally, Ayurvedic massage is done on a wooden slab," she said of the centuries-old technique. Moon prefers a padded massage table, but is otherwise a purist, rubbing our skin with a warm blend of herbs and oils to "balance the three doshas" (the governing principles of Ayurveda). She handed us channa, or crushed chickpeas, to use as an exfoliant. Buffing with hummus felt odd, but it softened our skin the way Moon's rubdown softened our muscles.