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Group Class Levels



Barre Fitness is an invigorating 1 hour workout that will change your body!  Barre workouts support the development of a ballerina figure by working small supportive muscles throughout your body, by using a style of exercise called isometrics. Barre uses a ballet bar in the workout and participants perform small isometric movements to upbeat music. The exercises used in class are designed to protect your joints and are all no impact. Classes are open to all levels of students.


This class is designed for anyone who wants to refine the essential principles of Pilates. You can be guaranteed to see more results out of all your workouts when you accurately understand how to activate the deeper layers of the core, align the bones of your spine and pelvis and maintain an active and connected breath. If you are brand new to Pilates, this class is an excellent introduction, however, even the most advanced students will benefit from mastering the detailed review this class will cover. To sign up for this course email Bria.


This is a great class for you if you have done Pilates equipment classes but are new to Bria or the Stott Pilates equipment. We will use the basic principles of Pilates (you can learn these in the Fundamentals class we offer regularly) and coordinate your breath and posture to flow into a full body experience of the Pilates exercises on the resistance equipment - reformers, balls, bands, weights, and more. As you progress, our Pilates instructors can tailor classes to help you pick up the pace and challenge yourself.

In our upper-level classes you will be expected to know the names of exercises, be coordinated and have proficient balance. Everyone progresses at a different rate, but generally speaking, you should be free of injuries and major physical restrictions and have been practicing Pilates at Bria for about a year before considering this level. Our instructors will work with you to provide class workouts that will challenge you physically and improve your skill level.

Class Styles



At Bria, we tailor your private session to work within your goals, limitations, and abilities, creating the most effective Pilates experience for you. Private sessions provide a focused time with a certified professional on our state-of-the-art equipment, with the expressed goal of modifying your exercises to stay safe and achieve maximum benefit from each workout. Bria Pilates and Barre Studio offers the highest quality of instruction in Seattle so that you can be sure you are exercising correctly. We pay close attention to detail, form and safety. When you exercise correctly, it is evident and you will be thrilled with the results. Appointments are booked based on availability 7 days a week 6am-8pm.
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In Reformer Class, you will be performing the Pilates exercises and sequences under the direction of a skilled instructor while lying, sitting, standing and kneeling positions to mobilize your spine, tone your core and define your extremities and coordinate it all with breath and balance. This class may also incorporate the tower equipment. The tower is one side of the Cadillac with leg springs, arm springs and the roll-down bar. With this equipment, you can target more muscle groups and further the Pilates repertoire. This class is one of the best ways to target all your muscles and get a well-rounded workout in a group setting.



This is a safe place to start if you are newer to the group dynamic. This class targets core and trunk muscles with exercises performed on the mats on the floor. It incorporates large balls and small hand-held Pilates equipment when appropriate. It is a great complement to any workout. You are welcome to stop by and give this class a try any time!

Get ready to pick up the pace and challenge the endurance of every muscle! This high-intensity workout is great for students who have successfully progressed to Level 1 and above. In this dynamic class we use the jump board and Cardio Tramp apparatus in conjunction with the reformer to jump, hop and sweat into shape. It is important to free of injury and to know your personal limitations. Doctor approval is recommended for this class and any time you start a new cardiovascular program.



This class is a great cardio option for you if you want to try a challenging cardio workout. Class will incorporate the fun and dynamic aspect of the jump board but we will take time to focus on proper biomechanics of jumping and landing. Time will be spent on regular Pilates reformer and core exercises to achieve a balanced, yet challenging, full body workout.  



This class is designed for anyone who wants to find new ways to challenge the Pilates repertoire. The Chair exercises are also performed seated, standing and kneeling. However, the surface of support is much smaller demanding you to find balance and posture with your internal strength.