Welcome to Bria Kids Club!

At Bria we understand that for parents with children, committing to a regular Pilates routine can be challenging. In order to help you meet that challenge, we are launching Bria Kid's Club, a dedicated room in our studio professionally staffed and outfitted with toys, books and games. You'll be able to bring your kids with you to Bria during your private Pilates session or group class and know that they are nearby in a safe and engaging environment.

Current Hours:

10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Additional hours may be  available by request.
Inquire at the front desk or email christine@briaseattle.com


$6 per child per hour
$21 per child for 5 hours

You can register your child for Bria Kid's Club using your MindBody account. Sessions can be booked on the class page. Online registration is Required as there is limited space per session. Please register online no less than 24 hours in advance. Sessions that do not have someone signed up 24 in advance will be canceled. 

Enrolling your Child in Bria Kid's Club:

To enroll your child in Bria Kid's Club please read all of the Bria Kid's Club Policies and Procedures and fill out our Bria Kid's Club Liability Waiver.

Basic Guidelines
➢ Parents/Guardians must remain on the premises the entire time their children are in the Bria Kid's Club room and must respond to any pages by the Bria Kid's Club staff to attend to their child immediately.
➢ Parent/Guardians remain responsible for the basic care of their children (including but not limited to diapering, toileting, feeding, and discipline, and consoling their child if the child is inconsolable) and must perform these duties as needed.
➢ Parents/Guardians must respond immediately to their children’s caretaking needs as they arise.
➢ Parents/Guardians agree that if they fail to comply with these conditions of Bria Kid's Club, the program will not be able to provide child care services for the child.

Bria Kid's Club Policies and Procedures.
1. Children must be between the ages of 6 months -12 years old and be current on all routine immunizations.
2. A liability waiver form must be signed prior to first visit
3. Only children of Bria Pilates & Wellness members, guests, or staff are permitted in the Bria Kid's Club room
4. Parents are required to sign in and out with their children at each visit.
5. For the safety of all children checked into childcare, only staff are allowed in the childcare area with the children.
6. Any children with any visible signs of sickness will not be permitted. These symptoms 
include but are not limited to, runny nose, fever, cough, pink eye, rash.
7. Bria Kids staff will not administer medication, change diapers, take your child to 
the bathroom or assist in feeding of your children. Childcare staff will notify you in the event you are needed to attend to your child.
8. Due to food allergies, food is not permitted in the Bria Kid's Club room. Water bottles, baby bottles and sippy cups are acceptable but they must have the child’s first and last name on them.
9. If a child has a prescription EPI-PEN or inhaler, parents/guardians must make note of this on the child’s liability waiver form. The EPI-PEN must accompany the parent/guardian EVERY TIME he or she checks-in their child to Bria Kid's Club.
10. Only parents/guardians who sign their child into Bria Kid's Club will be allowed to 
sign them out unless otherwise stated at drop off. The additional authorized individual 
must already be clearly listed on the Bria Kid's Club Liability Waiver.