Teacher Training 

Pleae note that Bria has no plans for Teacher Training in 2016.

However, for those interested in continuing their Pilates journey, please visit Fletcher Pilates - Continuing Education

Bria Career Opportunities

For health and wellness to extend to our clients, we believe it must start with our staff. We value work/life balance, personal and intellectual growth and laughter. Our full-time employees (25+ per week) enjoy paid time off, a health and wellness benefit, continuing education opportunities and much more. Please see current opportunities below.


Certified Pilates Instructor (Minimum 12 hours a week)

Bria instructors have positive momentum for growth in their practice and engage their clientele with a personal commitment to wellness. Instructors are trained and experienced in developing customized fitness programs to meet client needs - whether it is rehabilitation, physical fitness or overall health. Instructors enjoy working one-on-one with clients, as well as with groups of 2 to 10.

Bria instructors also possess:

  • Certified in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels in contemporary training program.
  • Minimum one year experience preferred.
  • Experience in muscular rehabilitation, detailed spine and joint alignment and careful accurate fitness plans preferred.
  • Willingness and enthusiasm to take part in staff and community events

Bria offers Private and Semi-private Sessions throughout the day as well as 30+ equipment-based group classes throughout the week. In addition to this permanent position, we are actively updating and increasing our substitute list. Anyone interested in either the permanent position or sub position, please send your resume and cover letter to info@briaseattle.com.